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     KOSEN - KMITL is an educational institute that is established according to the engineering workforce development program. Technology and innovation Support investment and increase industrial capacity in the country and region. Established under the cabinet resolution on 4 December 2018, with the Office of the Basic Education Commission and the Institute for the Promotion of Teaching Science and Technology to be responsible for the project as proposed by the Ministry of Education. 

       For the engineering manpower development project Technology and innovation, It is a project that is in accordance with Thailand 4.0 policy that supports investment and capacity enhancement of industrial sectors in the country and region. Especially the industry in the Eastern Economic Corridor  (EEC)  and the development of scientific manpower. Technology and Innovation providing knowledge and high potential will play an important role in helping the target industry groups, both the former and potential industries and future industrial groups are also  important parts of driving the country with innovations that are new and creative. The addition of quality personnel in the group of Engineers, Practical Engineers and Engineering Technicians to meet the demand and also attracting foreign companies such as Japan to invest in Thailand. Therefore, the Thai government has entered into an agreement with the Japanese government on yen loan project. The Japanese government provides assistance and support in education and academic matters in order to achieve the project's objectives.

     The KOSEN - KMITL is under the supervision of the Thai KOSEN Institute, which the minister is in charged as Board of Executive Committee, in order to operate in accordance with the agreement between the Thai government and the Japanese government. However, in order to operate the KOSEN-KMITL in accordance with the Higher Education role. King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang has established KOSEN-KMITL as a unit of the King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang under the supervision of the KOSEN-KMITL’s  Board of Management  and is operated by the Faculty of Engineering. 

         In addition to providing the academic operations of KOSEN - KMITL in accordance with the objectives approved by the Cabinet. King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang is entered into a cooperation agreement with NIT (National Institute of Technology), Japan  for  the preparation of the KOSEN - KMITL’ curriculum and support  the teaching and learning of the KOSEN style. The curriculum must be in accordance with the MCC (Model Core Curriculum) which is the core curriculum of the KOSEN Institute of Japan. To make sure this objective, NIT has dispatched a group of academic professors to teach as a prototype and prepare, practice and develop Thai teachers to have experience and expertise in mathematics, science, engineering and technology in the style of the KOSEN Institute of Japan. The professors from Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Liberal Arts and Faculty of Architecture in KMITL also support the teaching and learning so that the curriculum of KOSEN  -KMITL meets the specified content.


Associate courses 

  1.    Mechatronics Engineering (2019)

  2.   Computer Engineering (2021)

  3.    Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2023)

Advanced course

  1.  Production Engineering (2024)

Admission policy

     Students should have following qualifications;

 (1) Those who are better for mathematics, science and English.

 (2) Those who are interested in making things and also being innovators/ engineers involved

        in robotics/ mechatronics, computer engineering, and electrical & electronic engineering.

 (3) Those who want to  challenge to create a new technology/ system.

 (4) Those who want to be global innovators/ engineers


Diploma policy

      Students learn to graduate with the following ability required

General education

 (1) Wide knowledge on Science and Engineering and practical ability to apply them to solve problems in the society.

 (2) Enriched personality with wide range knowledge and understanding of  history, culture and society of Thailand and love of nation.

 (3) Global awareness and communication ability with languages, English, Japanese, and Thai in order to cooperate with others.

 (4) Creativity to make a new value with fusing the knowledge from various fields.

 (5) As an engineer, attitude to act with  awareness of social roles and responsibility to make a better society.

Mechatronics Engineering 

 (1) Ability to design, propose and develop robotic/ mechatronic systems to solve specific problems.

 (2) Ability to design, propose and develop electrical and electronic systems for robotics/ mechatronic systems

 (3) Ability to design, propose and develop mechanical solutions/ systems for robotic/ mechatronic systems

 (4) Ability to design and develop the software for control robotic/ mechatronic systems.

 (5) Ability to design, propose and develop network systems to control robotic/ mechatronic systems.

Computer Engineering

 (1)  Ability to operate and administer the computer software and hardware 

 (2)  Ability to understand the operating system and to develop software to solve specific problems.

 (3)  Ability to design, propose and implement IoT (Internet of Things) systems and solutions.

 (4)  Ability to understand the computer network system and security methods and to implement  the safe system

        within networks, servers, computers, and connected devices.

 (5)  Ability to apply the update technology (e.g., artificial intelligent (AI) , Big data etc.) to build up computer system

        to support the development of society


Electrical and Electronic Engineering

 (1)  Ability to design, propose and develop electrical and electronic systems to solve specific problems.

 (2)  Ability to design, propose and develop smart electrical power systems for sustainable development.

 (3)  Ability to design, propose and develop software to operate electrical and electronic systems.

 (4)  Ability to design, propose and develop the intelligent systems connected to the network to realize

        the smart city and manufacturing.

 (5)  Ability to design, propose and operate infrastructure for energy management.

Location : The temporary office of KOSEN- KMITL is located at 2nd Floor of HM Building, Faculty of Engineering,
                     King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang (KMITL) , Bangkok.